Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Living close to Junk food lets your child to get far from Well-being

As per the recent study, led by Prof. Andy J, from Norwich Medical School of UAE, reported that the nearby snacks’ outlet results in many over-weighted children and most of them are from secondary school, with a liking of unhealthy food. This is become effective in UK, were children facing problems like low self-confidence, diabetes, and also heart related issues. The co-reviewer Andreea C. mentions though it is very big issue, still it is hidden from nation scale. Some policies involving the planning to reduce over consumption of junk food, but it needs some time. We have to plan some physical as well dietary support to overcome this issue. The complete research has utilized the information from the National Child Measurement Programme, as it takes record of millions of children every year. "If we can use these findings to influence planning decisions and help create a more healthy food environment, we may be able to help reverse this trend for future generations.”

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