Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Does Stock market really cause mental disorders?

“If someone is undergoing stressful and depressed conditions or has a mental illness, they should be encouraged to pay less attention to daily stock market movements, particularly middle-aged people who are suffering various pressures coming from job security, family and investments." A study related to stock market and metal disorder, with the help of information on daily hospitalization is being carried by some researchers at different Universities for mental disorder in Taiwan in 1998-2009, as the stock index decreased by 1% and proportionally 0.36% mental illness case is reported. As the stock fall down it adds up the mental disorder calamities, similar for both genders, and between 35-54 age groups. Earlier study states that financial harm ca lead up to mental disorder. A substantially decrease in world economy will cause subsequent increase in public health disorder. Yet the study is limited as the diagnoses of mental disorder depend solely upon the claims of medical practitioners. Also the study does not include the factors like education, health habits, and financial stability.

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