Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mayo Clinic Tips on Osteoarthritis Prevention

Osteoarthritis is a leading health problem for many, especially those in their advanced ages. Researchers from Mayo Clinic, a leading health care centre with global reputation, have now come up with some interesting tips for treatment of the health ailment. The ailment is basically a painful joint condition and is one of the common forms of arthritis. A look at the statistics shows that over 27 million Americans are victims of the physical ailments. Most common form or osteoarthritis is knee pain that could be found in 50% of the victims. Most important tip advanced by Mayo Clinic experts is to get such body weight that will take loads easily off the joints in the physique. According to lead author Dr Amin, “Every pound lost can result in up to a 4-pound reduction in the load on the knee.” Other tips include exercising on regular basis, use of assistive devices to prevent fingers becoming stressed and knee braces to protect knee joints.

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