Sunday, February 9, 2014

Minor Traumatic Brain injuries Assuming the Shape of Epidemic

In many countries minor traumatic brain injury is fast assuming the form of an epidemic. In United States alone, over 1.4 million people are victims of the syndrome. Such minor injuries could result in upsetting the mental balance of the victim for the time being. Results of such state of mental conditions are alterations in the level of consciousness as well as various behavioral deficiencies. Researchers found that most of the times the sustenance of minor traumatic brain injuries were caused due to fall as well as accidents while in motor vehicles. Such falls and accidents also cause injuries to joints and bones. "Musculoskeletal injuries are often seen concurrently with some studies estimating that 50 percent of patients with orthopaedic injuries also sustain an mTBI," according to N.Y.Albany, lead author of the research work. Many people sustaining such injuries recover completely after primary treatments but mTBI often go unidentified. Often the symptoms start showing after a few days and the unsuspecting patient is at loss about it. That is also a reason of mTBI developing into an epidemic.

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