Sunday, February 9, 2014

Scientists Detect Exercised Produced Molecule That Helps Brain Health

Exercise has many beneficial effects but scientists are consistently finding out new benefits derived by exercising. Now they have discovered a molecule that is generated in course of exercise that can improve the well being of brain considerably. The scientists have named the gene as irisin. When researchers enhanced the irisin levels in the physique it was found that such enhancement substantially influence the genes that helped improve memory and comprehension. Scientists have come to conclusion that this discovery will help produce drugs to fight symptoms like depression effectively. It is also assumed that the drugs so created will not only help treat depression but will also be useful for Alzheimer’s disease. "Our results indicate that FNDC5/irisin has the ability control a very important neuroprotective pathway in the brain," says Dr. Spiegelman one of the authors of the research work. However the researchers do not want to stop here and instead aim to develop a form of irisin protein that could be administered through injection to help anti-degeneration functions of the brain.

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