Saturday, February 22, 2014

Multivitamin supplement helps to reduce Cataract Disorder

This study is based on the matter that daily consumption of multi-vitamin for a long duration can help in reduces the risk of cataract in men. Earlier it is noticed that use of multi-vitamin has some effects on eye-health, but the effects are negligible. For this a study has been demonstrated on 14,641 US doctors during 1997-2011 for the supplements like Vitamin C, E and some use placebo, for to examine the type of eye health disorder. And the result is that 945 cases those were using placebo has symptoms of cataract, while comparing to this 872 cases has cataract a reduction of 9%, and 13% for nuclear cataract case. And it is noticeable that even a reduction of 10% is hopefully good when it comes to health. "This finding of more cases of AMD in the multivitamin group than in the placebo group, although not statistically significant, does raise some concerns", now the aim is to prevent individual who already has this disorder and avoid new cases.

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