Sunday, February 16, 2014

New Ways of Producing Synthetic Heparin Discovered

Numerous patients suffer from blood clots in the aftermath of any large operation and since this is one of the major risks, physicians suggest anticoagulant heparin or such other medications to the patients. A group of American scientists have now found out a suitable method for production of synthetic heparin that would perform even better than its original counterpart. Use of heparin as anti clogging element and to stop attacks of deep vein thrombosis is not new. It has been in use in medical science since the year 1935. A component produced by human anatomy, heparin contains long sugar chains called saccharide. Heparin for medical use is often derived from animal tissues but there are always the risks of contamination due to their animal origin. Scientists believe that synthetic heparin will address the problem substantially. Another problem the new synthetic form could address is that it will bring homogeneity to batches of medicines that were not there in the animal based heparin till date.

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