Sunday, February 16, 2014

Minimization of radiation exposure in children achieved through use of checklist

Susan D. John and team developed and tested a checklist, published in October issue of the Journal of the Americal College of Radiology. This could be used by technologists during digital radiography in paediatric patients. The purpose was to minimize radiation exposure to children during radiography. A do-and-verify checklist was made which included the most critical steps for ensuring patient safety. The whole digital radiography process was divided into 4 phases. The checklist design allowed each phase to be completed in its entirety before pausing, by the technicians. For better understanding of the checklist a 14-page implementation manual has been provided with the same. The checklist was used for a week during routine work at a pilot site with satisfactory results. Compliance with checklist was excellent. The number of checkmarks in all categories exceeded expectations. Response to ease of use, appropriateness of content and format ranged from neutral to positive.

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