Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Protein Supplement Effect After Workout Reviewed

Recently a research team conducted an extensive study on the impacts of protein supplements on human anatomy after performing intensive workout. It is quite common for the athletes to use protein supplements after performing strenuous games or exercises. In course of their studies the research groups examined the impact of these supplements on testosterone, SHBG and Cortisol responses. "This study starts to unravel and provide some insights into one of the real urban myths about soy protein and resistance exercise in men," said Dr. William J. Kraemer who led the research. In the studies the researchers used whey, soy, and maltrodextrin supplements to study their impacts. Keeping the subjects of the test under acute observation for over 14 days they found out that soy protein blunts serum testosterone. Similarly, the effects of whey are also on cortisol responses. Core of their observations was that protein supplements can substantially alter physical response to even the most common exercises performed.

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