Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Research Changes Notion About Role of Genetics in Leukemia

A recent research by scientists has completely changed the view about the role played by genetics in creation of leukemia risks. In course of the research it was found that gene that helps human anatomy and blood flowing in it immune from cancer is regulated by tiny RNAs. In the past also other research groups have found out and pointed the vital role that is played by gene TET2 that keeps our blood free of diseases. Yet it was not considered very relevant to Luekemia related cases. But the present study conducted by researchers from Yale found the truth to be different. They found out core reasons that cause Luekemia irrespective of TET2 mutations. Instead it was found that there are a good lot of micro RNAs in the physique of the patients that can impair the functions of TET2 though there may not be any mutation at all. The detection may help many patients. As Dr Lu says, "If these markers are absent and TET2 gene is not mutated, then the 50% of leukemia patients without this marker would be spared harsher treatment such as high-dose chemotherapy or bone marrow transplants."

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