Friday, February 28, 2014

Over Treatment of Stroke Prevention in Age Of 80’s

A news published in Evidence Based Medicine stated that people who are 80’s or above are prescribed to take drugs to avoid stroke. This prescription remains same if a person doesn’t have any fear of this problem. Therefore these drugs made adverse effect on people in terms of their health in remaining life. From the Department of Geriatric Medicine at Hereford hospital in UK argued that people in elder age are over treated by doctors in terms of stroke prevention. This is not a right way of treatment doctors have to rethink about their priorities. Common drugs in terms of cardiovascular drugs are antihypertensive and strain drugs. These drugs were prescribed higher in number by doctors in the year 2006 to the patient in the age of 80’s or after to avoid stroke. Dr Kit Byatt insists “Should we ever use these medications in frail older patients with multi-morbidity? We need actively to rethink our priorities and beliefs about stroke prevention, actively informing and involving the views of the key person, the patient:

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