Friday, February 28, 2014

Adverse Pregnancy Outcome Are Recorded With Second Hand Smoking

The new research conducted by the scientist of University of Buffalo and Roswell Park Cancer Institute stated that second hand smoking are making adverse affect on pregnancy. This may result in miscarriage, tubal ectopic and stillbirth. This news was published in Tobacco Control Journal; some significant steps must be taken in order to reduce the factors and adverse effects of second hand smoking. The main lead of the story Andrew Hyland, Chair of RPCI's Department of Health Behavior and persisting PhD degree stated that "This study demonstrated that pregnancy outcomes can be correlated with secondhand smoking. Significantly, women who have never smoked but were exposed to secondhand smoke were at greater risk for fetal loss”. This study determines three factors of SHS in women in pregnancy period- Spontaneous miscarriage, tubal ectopic pregnancy and third one is stillbirth. These are the evidence of secondhand smoking in women and their fetal loss. This study emphasize on two phases one group of people who are in contact of smoking from years and during pregnancy too in terms of second hand smoking while others who don’t smoke ever in their life and expose to SHS.

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