Friday, February 28, 2014

Protein Level Of One Gene Can Reduce The Risk Of Migration Of Breast Cancer Cells

According to new research done in recent days stated that a protein level directly related to the risk of spreading breast cancer in the body. By lowering this protein level in the mice and cell culture can reduce the chances of spreading this disease to beyond the limits of initial tumor state In the Ohio State University, a team of medical and engineering researchers done some research and revealed some astonishing facts that by modifying protein level in single gene may lower the chances of migrating tumor cells from the initial site of tumor formation. The study published in PLOS ONE Journal, notified that researchers perform many experiments on animals too. They implant low level protein cells affected from breast cancer in mice. These infected cells don’t migrate from their initial place of infection but when high protein level breast cancer affected cells are inserted in mice; those infected cells invaded healthy surrounding cells and try to form giant form. Professor of obstetrics and gynecology Douglas Kniss, at Ohio State's Wexner Medical Center and also the lead author of the story stated that" Theoretically, if a patient had a tumor in which the myoferlin level was low, it would be defined as small and a surgeon could remove it and it wouldn't metastasize. That's the nodule type of tumor we saw in the mice with the silenced protein,"

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