Friday, February 28, 2014

Overweight Is A Common Arises In Babies Born From Caesarean Section

According to the new study done few weeks ago revealed some astonishing facts. It stated that babies that are born by caesarean section have overweight as adult persons. The study found that results are across to 26 percent high in the terms of adult born from the caesarean section in comparison to those who born from delivery of Vaginal section. The study targeted almost 15 studies in which almost 38000 people participated. Imperial College London Researchers say that through this study we found a good reason that why a women should persist a C section. Apart from this they are elaborated some differences in kids born by caesarean sections also that mother who opted this options will have to face some long terms side effects of this options in their children. The senior author of story Professor Neena Modi from the Department of Medicine from Imperial College London, said: "There are good reasons why C-section may be the best option for many mothers and their babies, and C-sections can on occasion be life-saving. However, we need to understand the long-term outcomes in order to provide the best advice to women who are considering caesarean delivery”.

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