Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Protein Links Exercise to Brain Health Discovered

Through research and experiments scientists found out a different type of protein that gets expanded in course of strenuous workouts. When the protein was used on dormant mice, it promoted their brain health and well being resulting in new nerve developments in the process. Researchers from Danna-Farber Cancer Institute have linked the protein to brain development. Scientists also explained the capabilities of endurance workouts in cognitive function development. The effect is more visible in older people. Now the scientists are trying to devise a method by which they could give the protein a stable form and in result it could help develop quality therapies for cognitive decline, a syndrome quite common in people in advanced ages. “What is exciting is that a natural substance can be given in the bloodstream that can mimic some of the effects of endurance exercise on the brain,” said co author Bruce Spiegelman. The discovery can also help develop treatments for Alzheimer’s disease.

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