Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Root Compound to Fight Cancer

Research by scientists have revealed that Liquorice root can help fight out cancer cells. They also expect that in coming days the root could provide vital solutions in their quest for finding solution to the dreaded disease. One of the possibilities is that the finding could help them develop drugs to prevent malignant cancer. The wonder element that the scientists have discovered is found in liquorice plants. Laboratory tests indicate that the compound in the plant can considerably slow down the growth of cancerous cells. Basic advantage of the compound in the plant is that it has tumor busting capabilities that can be used to great advantage in treatment of cancer, especially malignant melanoma. In an earlier study also another anti-cancerous content called glycyrrhizin. However the element could not be developed into cancer medicine because long use of the component could lead to high blood pressure and other complicacies. No such complicacies are expected from the compound now discovered.

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