Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Experts Find Ways to Reduce Delay in Cancer Diagnosis

One reason that results in many cancer patients lose their lives is the delay in diagnosis. By the time the disease is detected it is too late as the disease has already reached advanced stages. Experts have now suggested that if the delay in the diagnosis is reduced, many cancer patients can be treated in the primary stage. Towards this objective the research team of primary cares experts made studies and their finding is that longer consultations as well as organized distribution of information about various referral systems for treating cancer could help reduce the time limits for detection of cancer and its ultimate treatment. Delay in diagnosis accounts for around ten thousand cancer related casualties every year in United Kingdom alone. Once the delay is eliminated, it could pave the way for early detection, treatment, and saving many precious lives in the process. It is also necessary create awareness among the patients who also contribute substantially to the delaying process in diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

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