Friday, February 14, 2014

Requirement of Training for teachers to endorse healthy life to children

"Until now, there has been no clear overview of how trainee teachers are prepared during ITE in England to promote health and wellbeing to children in schools. We hope this study – the first national, comprehensive survey into the issue – will help address this." An study by the University of Southampton suggests trainee teachers are a lack of attention and little consistency in provision of health, adequate training is provided them to get skilled in pupil's learning, such as emotional health, also ITE members known the vitality of health and well-being in the teacher training curriculum, some help will be provided by health professionals also. Some obstacles are also there includes time, and the gives lower priorities to health training. Southampton’s researcher Dr Jenny Byrne also commented that, the research has positive outcomes in trainee teachers' self-belief and ability to deal with aspect of health education.

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