Friday, February 14, 2014

Poor circumstances recently in life can cause health issues in senior citizen in growing world

This was a period of 1930s-60s when people experience fast enhancement due to public health programs including antibiotics or medical inventions, but still there are some whose level of living is worse in accordance with the negative that they face in their early life, expressed by a demographer Mary M. She claimed that she had reviewed all the facts and also reviewed the study on nearly 147K elders in about 25 counties of all continents, and his studies also helps many health policy makers. "Medical and public health interventions have improved people's ability to survive very harsh conditions in early life and often quite dramatically, but if there is little improvement in living circumstances, what will their health at older ages be like?" With this perception, she express that in case of developing world, we have to give equal importance to health at older ages and early life conditions also.

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