Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Retail clinics for pediatric preliminary care opposed by AAP

According top a policy statement of Feb.24 journal Pediatrics, AAP- The American Academy of Pediatrics is still in a situation of opposition to retail based clinics which is the main source of pediatric preliminary care. The colleagues and James J. Laughlin, M.D, from the American Academy of Pediatrics committee on practice and Ambulatory Medicine have modernized the statement of AAP’s 2006 on RBC’s and gave approval that is related to RBC. It was noted by the authors that RBC gives more effective and less costly care when compared to the concept of the medical home. But the medical concern is split, episodic and not synchronized. They continue to oppose RBC as a foundation of pediatric primary care as they are unfavorable to the concept of medical home of coordinated and longitudinal care which the AAP with other medical associations supported it. The author says that, “ As the RBC model continues to evolve, traditional RBC’s, health systems and insurance companies alike must recognize the critical role of the medical home in providing optimal health care for children.”

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