Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The body shape index as analyst of mortality according to new reports

Dr. Nir Krakauer, an assistant professor of Civil engineering in the CCNY’S Grove School of Engineering along with father , Dr. Jesse Krakauer , MD, in 2012 developed a new and advanced method to count the risk which is mainly related to abdominal fatness. The study published in Febraury 20 online journal PLOS ONE, presents the information in support to their contention that the method which is known as A Body Shape Index is highly effective and a predictor of mortality when compared to the Body Mass Index which is the most general measure used to express the obesity of a person. The data for 7,011 adults was analyzed by7 the team in which there were 18 above aged participants in the first health and Lifestyle Survey, which was accomplished in the mid 1980’s in Great Britain and again after seven years, a survey was followed on it. Later, the sample of HALS, ABSI and BMI, the circumference of the waist, waist- height ratio and waist hip ratio was compared to know the cause of mortality.

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