Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Studies agreed over the changes in diet to reduce the onset of dementia

It is suggested by the data that nutrition plays a significant role in the threat of dementia and cognitive refuse which continue to build up. It is an interesting news as it mentions that there is so much that each of us can perform individually to reduce the risk of dementia and the decline of cognitive functions as we get aged. After considering 65.7 million folks who are expected to be afflicted with dementia by 2030 and there is no recognized treatment in an effective way to halt the progression of dementia. With the presented crumple of Medicare in the future, it behooves us to do at present the thing to stop this rising deluge of dementia. The researches found that the cognition number is higher among those who were having the MedDiet with EVOO. In fact, this diet is considered as one of the healthiest diet, as people traditionally consuming it to have low rates of heart and chronic diseases. It is important for all of us to eat well, stay fit and have plenty of rest to be mentally active as we may save Medicare completely from Bankruptcy.

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