Thursday, February 20, 2014

Short Life Expectancy of LGB Living In Anti-Gay Communities

The various study and research carried out on the life consequences of the anti-gay intolerance of humanity. The research was conducted by the scientist of Mailman School of Public Health at the Columbia University. The study found that the life span of lesbian, bisexual and gay experienced shorter life span of twelve years than the people who live in anti-gay prejudice. The lead author of the research is Mark Hatzenbuehler. He is PhD, and an assistant professor of the subject Sociomedical Sciences. This study is published online in the journals of the Social Science & the Medicine. "Our findings indicate that sexual minorities living in communities with higher levels of prejudice die sooner than sexual minorities living in low-prejudice communities, and that these effects are independent of established risk factors for mortality, including household income, education, gender, ethnicity, and age, as well as the average income and education level of residents in the communities where the respondents lived," said Dr. Hatzenbuehler. " The results of the study will appear same for the people who have gained education to high school and those who don’t get chance to get education till this level.

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