Thursday, February 20, 2014

Study States -Keep Teen Girls Away From Indoor Tanning

A new study conducted by researchers stated that Teen girls love to visit indoor salons for tanning of their skin. This context is truer if they are resident of states that confine the use of beds for tanning purpose. Further, the research unfolds the new facts of skin danger with the raised chances of skin cancer in their later age. The study was conducted on the basis of government data of the United Nation High school. The targeted year was 2009 to 2011. A keen observation of these years gave a shocking figure, 23 percent teen girls and 6.5 percent boys are thoroughly engaged in the indoor tanning process. However, this number increases to 30 percent in girls in lower parts of United States. "State indoor tanning laws, especially age restrictions, may be effective in reducing indoor tanning among our nation's youth," study stated by the lead author Gery Guy, Division of Cancer Prevention and Control, mentioned in news release of an agency.

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