Saturday, February 22, 2014

Skin tumor vaccines a new hope for transplant patients

This research is about to show the effect of skin tumor vaccine which is demonstrated on mice and hoping to use on humans. Experts from German Cancer Research Center located at Heidelberg, Sabrina Vinzon and Frank Rosl sought to examine the effects of papillomavirus vaccination during transplantation, can possibly reduce the chances of skin lesions. They use the multimammate mouse species for their tests those are infected with papillomaviruses and can genetically transferred to infants. All these efforts made them produce a vaccine for fighting the skin cancer which is approved HPV vaccine for papillomaviruses in humans and also effect in preventing from Cervical Cancers. These vaccines are not completely eliminating the issues but can lessen the count of viruses in skin cells. "These findings provide the basis for the clinical development of potent vaccination strategies against cutaneous [skin] HPV infections and HPV-induced tumors, especially in patients awaiting organ transplantation".

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