Friday, March 7, 2014

A Strong Will Power Is Indication of High Expression of Humans

A study was conducted in past where chimpanzees and children are given a task which is nearly impossible to solve. Human children started making facial expression like taking their eye bros to high, close their lips, Wrinkles of stress on forehead. This was a clear indication that they were tired of solving their task and now frustrated of it but chimpanzees gave no such response. Facial expression is the way to solicit help for the task they are unable to perform. This research compares facial expression between other primitives and human beings. This research was published in Journal named Royal Society. Dr Waller, The lead author of this study said: "By producing expressions which tell others they are frustrated and not able to complete the task, humans might be stimulating empathy in others in order to receive support. He further said that "My guess is that these expressions are produced subconsciously. I doubt that the children in these tests were aware of their own facial expressions and we also don't know if observers recognize these facial movements and respond to them. Even if observers do respond it could also be a subconscious process."

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