Friday, March 7, 2014

Increase in Health risk with high consumption of Energy drinks in Teen

According to the latest research, researchers notified teens to reduce consumption of energy drinks which include caffeine in it. As caffeine is a common ingredient in each health drink. The research paper published by the University of Dalhousie and Waterloo University imitated that high amount of preventive medicines are found in teenagers of high school who are in depression. This research also stated that those teenagers who like to have alcohol and smoke use energy drink more in amount in comparison to other kids. Sunday Azagba, lead author of the research and researcher at University of Waterloo state that "While it remains unclear why these associations exist, the trend is a concern because of the high rate of consumption among teenagers,” He further include in his paper, “These drinks appeal to young people because of their temporary benefits like increased alertness, improved mood and enhanced mental and physical energy."

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