Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Biomarkers helps to identify preeclampsia detection

As per a joint study conducted by the Centre of Molecular Inflammation Research and the MR Cancer Group at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, reveals that identifying the biomarkers can help in earlier detection of preeclampsia. This discovery further can help to have healthier pregnancies and babies. This disease can alternatively affect pregnancy and create complications but with this research medical practitioners can detect it and treat at an earlier stage. The research is published in online journal PLOS ONE. The lead author of the study, Marie Austdal, a PhD candidate at NTNU explains, “We have found that the metabolism in women who experience preeclampsia is clearly different from women with normal pregnancies. The differences suggest that preeclampsia has a similar profile to cardiovascular disease, and the inflammatory processes are reflected in the blood and urine of affected women. This abnormal metabolism may be present earlier, so that the disease may be predicted before onset.”

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