Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Eating low nutrients diet can extend lifespan

As per a new theory published in BioEssays, reveals that maintaining low nutrient diet can prove helpful in extending life. The researchers conducted this experiment with laboratory animals and it proved quite fruitful. This finding could lead to the clues helpful in healthier ageing in human beings. Previous researchers have suggested that controlled food helps to reduce the diseases in old age hence controlling cancer, and increase in age. Further research proves that the dietary restriction increases the rates of cellular recycling and also the repair mechanisms in the body. The lead author, Dr Margo Adler, an evolutionary biologist at UNSW Australia, states, “This effect has been demonstrated in laboratories around the world, in species ranging from yeast to flies to mice. There is also some evidence that it occurs in primates. But we think that lifespan extension from dietary restriction is more likely to be a laboratory artifact.”

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