Friday, March 7, 2014

BPA and growth of breast cancer tumor linked the latest reports

In the newly published reports of UT Arlington biochemists, the researchers have moved a step ahead to understand the way how the generally used synthetic compound BPA or bisphenol-A may encourage the growth of breast cancer. Arunoday Bhan, a PhD STUDENT IN Mandal’s lab and Subhrangsu Mandal, a Professor of chemistry/ biochemistry observed a molecule known as RNA HOTAIR. Actually, HOTAIR is an abbreviation for non coding and long RNA other than DNA in people and other vertebrates. It does not give a protein on its own when it is in function. It has the ability to hold back genes which would generally deliberate the tumor growth or the cause of cancer cell death. It is said by Mandal, who is the corresponding author on the paper that, “We can’t immediately say BPA causes cancer growth, but it could well contribute because it is disrupting the genes that defend against that growth.”

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