Friday, March 7, 2014

Survival of breast cancer patient increases through Vitamin D

As per the report of the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine researchers in the March issue of Anticancer Research, the breast cancer sufferers with more levels of Vitamin D in the blood are more probable to endure with the disease when compared to the women with less levels of Vitamin D nutrient. It is shown in the previous research of Cedric F, Garland, DrPH, Professor in the Department of Family and preventive medicine, that less vitamin D are linked to more risk of premenopausal breast cancer. After finding it, he said, encouraged him to interrogate the relationship between 25- hydroxyvitamin D- which is a metabolite formed by the body from the intake of vitamin D along with survival rates of breast cancer. It is mentioned by Garland that, “Vitamin D metabolites increase communication between cells by switching on a protein that blocks aggressive cell division.” The females in high serum group is said to have an average level of 30 Nanograms per milliliter of 25-hydroxyvitamin D in the blood.

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