Friday, March 7, 2014

Pathological ECG outline common in teenagers

According to the study published on Feb,26 online in the Journal of the American college of Cardiology, more than 20% of teenage non- athletes possess electrocardiogram outline which can be considered as pathological based on the 2010 position paper of the Europeon Society of Cardiology. It was examined by Navin Chandra, M.B.B.S, from St. George’s University of London with colleagues that the occurrence of potentially abnormal ECG outline in teenagers and youngsters to evaluate the implications for a worldwide screening program of sudden cardiac death. The youth aged between 14 to 35 with a number of 7,764 non-athletes gone through ECG screening between 2008 and 2012. In fact, ECG was assessed for training connected group 1 and latent pathological group 2 model. After that, these mentioned results were balanced with 4,081 athletes. The authors write that, “ The study demonstrate that one in five young persons exhibit Group 2 ECG patterns. The low incidence of sudden cardiac death in young persons suggests that in most instances, such patterns are non-specific.”

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