Friday, March 7, 2014

Weed advocates will check profit as opponents to mobilize for votes

Medical marijuana with twenty other states of the USA is weighing its recreational or medicinal use, advocate of looser law on weed come into view to have the benefit.
The most important medical groups stay ambivalent, and opponent is now trying to assemble for future votes in these three states. Florida along New York and Georgia will take part in an election on whether to make legal the therapeutic use of marijuana this November.

Is Medical marijuana a miracle?
Ethan Nadelmann, executive director of the pro-legalization Drug Policy Alliance says "That caught everyone, even advocates, by surprise,". "A lot of people just began to relax and see the sky's not going to fall. All we're doing is moving a booming market from the underground to the legal world." he further mentioned "If you look at public opinion polls, support for legalizing medical marijuana is over 70% nationally, even in the South."

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  1. medicinal and recreational!! florida, nationwide...lets get passed this, its so simple.