Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Clashes over the rules of marijuana by US drug enforcers and Lawmakers

US policymakers in support of a progressively peaceful state marijuana law disputed with Obama administration officers on Tuesday which continued to make shoot in the same high danger class as the most killer drugs like Heroine and Cocaine. It is said by the Drug Enforcement Administration’s chief deputy that Marijuana deserved to stay on the list as a schedule 1 narcotic like LSD, but could not recognize a single deadly of overdose which is featured to the previous year cannabis. It was said by the DEA’S Thomas Harigan in a house of panels in a joint statement along with John Walsh, the US attorney in Colorado, a state that legalized recreational marijuana use in January that,” Marijuana is the most widely available and commonly abused illicit drug in the united states.” There is a rise of abusers among young people in America and marijuana’s more powerful production techniques are a rising concern to health officials and law enforcements.

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