Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Adverse health effects caused when men having sex with the same gender

Ding to the research article published in PLOS Medicine of this week, Intimate partner violence is found among men who perform sex with the same gender and is connected to the higher risk of having physical and mental health symptoms, sexually transmitted disease and substance misuse. By reviewing 19 published studies the author reached to the conclusion that the information about various health conditions and intimate partner violence or sexual risk behaviors in MSM. The lifetime experience of emotional, physical or sexual IPV in MSM was only 48% and the exposure to intimate partner violence was related to an increased risk of drug use or alcohol, and the self report of the depressive symptoms is HIV positive and commitment in unsafe sex. It is concluded by the authors that, “ Our results highlight the need for research into effective interventions to prevent IPV in MSM, as well as the importance of providing health care professionals with training in how to address issues of IPV among MSM and the need to raise awareness of local and national support services.”

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