Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The study finds meditation as a stress reliever, but not a full cure

After the researches on mindful meditation, it is found that it gives moderate evidence that its practice can reduce depressive symptoms, anxiety, pain in a little way, but there is no evidence that is completely reduces pain or improves mood, control weight or gives good sleep. There was no evidence found that the meditation programs are better when compared to drugs, behavioral therapies or exercises when mentioning the issues of mental health. It was published in JAMA Internal Medicine that the new word on meditation’s effects rise, from meta-analysis, which is a study of clinical trials that changes, purifies and consolidates their findings. The author’s wrote in their study that, a small and consistent signal with various components of negative effect like anxiety, depression and stress were improved in subjects and trained and practiced in mindful meditation. Even the author suggested that poor or little designed research has the chance to lead to their less than healthy findings which is in favor of the meditation benefits.

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