Thursday, March 27, 2014

Controlling surgical residents has not improved patient safety

According to the new research papers it has been observed that the following strict limitation over number of hour’s surgical residents can easily work but it has not helped in improving the patient outcomes. It may have also increased the complications for some patients and then leading to higher failure rates on the certification exams. Initially the doctors during residency time of their training used to spend long hours in a hospital so that they can see a wide variety of patients. From the last10 years, the health authorities started controlling these hours so as to improve the health of the patients. Dr. Ahmed, noting that the American College of Surgeons Division of education has stated that mastery in surgery requires explains, “A one-size fits all approach to resident duty hours may not be appropriate for all specialties. In surgery, recent changes in hours for residents are not consistently associated with improved resident well-being and may have negative impacts on patient outcomes and performance on certification exams.”

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