Friday, March 28, 2014

Dentist shortage rises in California

Well, here comes a surprising observation brought out by the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research states that dentists are moving out California leading to a major shortage in the place. The lingering recession and the elimination of Medicaid dental reimbursements along with the excess of established dentists specifically in better populated areas are driving new dentists away and encouraging them to practice outside California. This is not at all a good situation. As dentists are moving out the patients might have to suffer in long run. First of all not everyone can afford an expensive dentists and secondly the well established might soon turn to the retirement with their growing age. California is not in shape to loose young dentists. The lead author of the study, Nadereh Pourat, director of research explains, “Good access to dental care depends on having a robust supply of new dentists in California. We need a new generation of dentists to replace the many dentists who are close to retirement.”

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