Friday, March 28, 2014

Faster genetic testing will improve transform care for patients with breast cancer

According to a recent study published in British Journal of Surgery states that the speedy and cheaper DNA sequencing techniques will probably improve the care for patients suffering from breast cancer. On the other side it can also create the challenges for clinicians as they have to counsel patients on various treatment options. The study details about the how the genetic advances will soon be helping in patient care. This is one of the major leap in treating breast cancer and will help million across the globe. The co-researcher, UK, Simon Pilgrim, MD from Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge explains it further, “NGS can be used to find genetic mutations in people with other hereditary cancers or conditions. For example, a woman with ovarian cancer might be found to have a BRCA1 mutation, and hence breast units must be prepared to handle questions about the management of breast cancer risk in patients referred by other specialties.”

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