Friday, March 28, 2014

Gen X obesity - A major problem for healthcare

According to a latest research conducted at the University of Adelaide discovered that that the ongoing trends in Generation X might overtake Baby Boomers in poor health. This includes the increasing rates in obesity and diabetes that could actually have big implications for Australia's healthcare and the workforce. The research is published in online journal PLOS ONE. The researchers also found that the Generation X has poorer levels of the self-rated health, and high levels of obesity and diabetes. It has also been found that there is no major difference between the physical activities taken up by both the groups. The co-author Rhiannon Pilkington University, from Population Research & Outcome Studies group, School of Medicine explains, “Generation X appears to have developed both obesity and diabetes much sooner when compared with Baby Boomers, which is a major concern on a number of fronts. This study adds to the growing evidence world wide suggesting that each younger generation is developing obesity and related chronic health conditions earlier in life.”

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