Friday, March 28, 2014

Head and the heart don't always agree in stressful situations

According to an interesting research conducted at the University of Birmingham, researchers have found that the head and heart of people do get along well while going through stressful situations. The head and heart act and react very differently. The researchers further found out that the people having higher anxiety issues in their daily chores have high chances of suffering from somatic symptoms after a stressful task. They also found out that there is no direct link between the people’s biological responses to stress and the somatic symptoms under stress. The in-depth research showed people experiencing higher general anxiety situations are more out of control. They think low of their performance and find the task more difficult as compared to others. Though there is no big association found between the people’s anxiety levels and their performance on the task. The lead researcher, Dr Annie Ginty, explains it in detail, “Understanding these disassociations is important in treating conditions such as general anxiety disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder.”

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