Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Earlier Diagnose of Parkinson’s disease due to ultra high field MRI

It is presented by new researches that ultra high field MRI gives detailed explanation and view of a certain brain area which is concerned with the Parkinson’s diseases which has the chance to detect earlier a certain condition that affects millions of people all over the world. To the point, Parkinson’s diseases are considered as chronic and a progressive disease which is characterized by stiffness, improper balance, coordination and shaking. To detect it, there are lack of radiologic methods in diagnosis and the health professionals need to depend on the neurological test and medical history. Actually, it is difficult to differentiate this Parkinson’s disease with the sue of the mentioned techniques. It was studied by Micro Cosottini, M.D., from the university of Pisa in Italy along with colleagues that the brains of nearly 38 people who have Parkinson’s disease and 21 healthy individuals along with brain specimen helps to determine the accuracy of ultra high field 7-T MRI to recognize the disease. According to Dr. Cosottini, “Parkinson’s disease diagnosis remains clinically based, but with the introduction of 7-T MRI into clinical practice, a supporting radiologic diagnosis can be made.”

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