Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Higher risk of Osteoarthritis of knee related to lower index to ring finger portion

The latest study published in the online journal Rheumatology has got that the lesser the ration in between an individual’s index finger (2D) and their ring finger (4D) has the greater risk of emerging a strict Osteoarthritis in the knee which needs a complete knee replacement. Actually, Osteoarthritis is a huge health problem in individuals which is connected to a certain disability kind of feeling in the hips and knees. This is all due to the hormonal factors which are considered to play a main role in the occurrence of Osteoarthrits in male and female. The studies of Anthropology have suggested that there are certain difference in the sex ratio of the index and ring fingers when compared to men, which presents a less average ratio of 2D:4D when compared to women. It is said by Dr. Wang that, “Although there is some evidence from previous studies that sporting ability and achievement in sports and athletics are negatively related to 2D:4D, this might not reflect levels of regular physical activity in the general population. In our study, the measure of physical activity did not directly assess sporting activity, nor did the measure report of bone, cartilage, and soft tissue, which warrants further investigation.”

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