Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Passive smoking leads to irreparable injury to the arteries of children

According to the study published on Wednesday in the Europeon Heart Journal, children getting exposed to passive smoking in childhood lead to irreparable harm to the structure of arteries in children. The parents smoke enters the thick walls of the arteries, which means that there is greater risk of strokes and heart attack in the future. It is said by the researchers from Australia, Finland and Tasmania that exposure to parents smoke in tender age includes an additional 3.3 years to the age of blood vessels when they reach to their adulthood. The given study is the first study to track children through their adulthood to test the relation between the exposure to parents smoke and increased carotid intima-media, when they reach into adulthood. It is said by Dr. Seana Gall, a research fellow in Cardiovascular epidemiology at the Menzies Research institute Tasmania and the University of Tasmania that, “ Our study shows that exposure to passive smoke in childhood causes a direct and irreversible damage to the structure of the arteries. Parents, or even those thinking about becoming parents, should quit smoking. This will not only restore their own health but also protect the health of their children into the future.”

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