Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The benefits of community based treatment of Schizophrenia – shown by milestone studies

The initial randomized track to continuously examine the community based care for individuals who have Schizophrenia in a less developed country presents that the treatment which is given by the community through health workers is considered as more effective when compared to the standard care that reduces the psychotic symptoms and disabilities and makes sure that the people carry on with their antipsychotic medication. It is explained by Grahan Thornicroft, a professor of community psychiatry from the center for Global Mental Health, King’s College London, Institute of Psychiatry that, “ Our findings from India show even more positive outcomes than similar trials of collaborative community-based care carried out in high-income countries. They show that this approach of using community health workers, under proper supervision, who make home visits could play a major part in improving outcomes for people with Schizophrenia in low income countries using the locally available, human resources.” For the proper involvement of the community, the common health workers who are trained to give personal packages with better treatments with close supervision with the help of coordinators and also the help of the family members.

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