Sunday, March 9, 2014

Education raises hope for poor women against effect of rising wealth

Education is always considered a progressive factor for the society. This fact has been again proved by a study published in journal PLOS ONE. According to the recent UCL study the educated women make nutritious food choices as compared to the uneducated women. It was found in previous studies that obesity levels of women in low and middle income countries rise with the increase in their income as they tend to purchase more of energy dense foods. Further the study proved that in average income countries the obesity issues among women who attained secondary or higher education is almost 14-19% lower than the comparatively less-educated women of similar income status. The lead author of the study, Dr Amina Aitsi-Selmi, Wellcome Trust fellow at UCL explains, “For the first time, we have studied the interaction between wealth and education and found that they have fundamentally different effects on obesity. As emerging economies are exposed to a flood of calories from the global food market, rising wealth often leads to rising obesity as people buy energy-dense foods.”

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