Sunday, March 23, 2014

EU Recommends - Endocyte Ovarian Cancer Drug

This comes as big news that the Pharmaceutical Company Endocyte Inc. has got an important recommendation from the EU advisors endorsing its ovarian cancer drug Vynfinit to treat the patients. This particular drug has been created to help the patients who are not able to cope with platinum based chemotherapy. This drug further works by attacking the special receptor on cancer cells. This drug can help them to respond chemotherapy. Vynfinit has also been proved fruitful for slowing down the lung cancer. Final approval from EU is lined up in next three months. Vynfinit can be successful in carrying the chemotherapeutic agents to the cancer cells. The Vynfinit’s capability to speed up the chemotherapy is quite promising. It also helps in so-called platinum-resistant cases of the ovarian cancer that is a very serious medical problem. This particular drug is also expected to help in improving the life expectancy of such patients and hopefully cure them.

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