Sunday, March 23, 2014

One in 3 needs frequent check-ups for cancer

According to a two new researches conducted it was concluded that one in three women requires frequent and regular mammograms for detecting breast cancer. Further it is suggested that screening for women who are 70s above could be harmful rather than any good. One of the studies proved that screening in three years is appropriate for most of the women. It also states that one out every three women is exposed to the higher risk for developing cancer and could be easily detected from regular mammograms. An expert, Professor Gareth Evans, from the University of Manchester, worked out in the same field believes that the risk of breast cancer could be controlled with the help of target screening in a highly effective manner. He further states that, “Our results suggest that three-yearly screening is very effective for around 70pc of the female population, but that those women who have a higher than average risk of developing breast cancer probably require more frequent screening, particularly as more advanced cancers were detected in these women.”

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