Saturday, March 15, 2014

Exposure to takeaway food outlets can double the odds of being obese

As per a research article published in scientific journal BMJ states that the people when exposed to the takeaway food outlets near their homes or work place or on their way likely to consume more of these foods and have high danger of obesity. The research also found out that in past decade in UK the consumption of take away food away has been increased by 29%. Researchers believe that this could be a contributing factor to the rising number of obese people. An expert from the field, Kathryn Neckerman from the Columbia Population Research Center in New York explains such studies help to clarify "when, where, and for whom the food environment matters". Further she add that is still not clear whether there should be efforts to restrict the takeaways or nor. If it is restricted can it have any major impact to control obesity is still a question.

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