Saturday, March 15, 2014

Gastric bypass surgery reduces knee pain in obese patients

It is generally observed that obese patients have to suffer knee pain. Lately a study The Impact of Gastric Bypass Surgery Compared to Total Knee Arthroplasty on Knee Symptoms proves that the Gastric bypass surgery will be helpful to control knee pain obese people. This treatment helps to close the stomach and help bypass the food through small intestine. Subsequently it will lead to loose weight and help to reduce the knee pain. The researchers conducted the research among two groups of patients that is those with 20 GBS patients -16 women and four men having mean age of 52 years and BMI of 45.6 kg/m², and other 40 patients who went for total knee replacement for symptomatic OA. Experimenting they found gastric bypass surgery. The authors further recommend that the surgeons should consider bariatric consultation for the obese people who are suffering from knee pain problems. One has to face some limitations due to the advanced osteoarthritis or other conditions adaptable to the orthopaedic management.

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